Extra Activities

We are always pleased to welcome our French teacher who joins us weekly to spend time with the children aged 2 years and over, offering French through a variety of songs, games, books and fun activities.


Every child enjoys banging on the drum and clanging the cymbals. Aristo-Tots’ ‘music time’ gives every child the opportunity to learn new songs and experience making sounds through music, rhymes, song and the fun of musical instruments.

Dance & Drama
Our dedicated dance teacher visits Aristo-Tots weekly to give lessons to all of the children over 2 years. Children are encouraged to join in with the fun of music and movement helping to build their confidence whilst supporting and encouraging the love of music.

Mini Strikers
The children love the exciting activities provided by the ‘Strikers’ teacher. ‘Mini Strikers’ takes place once a week combining physical activity with lots of fresh air whilst developing new skills.

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