A Day in the Life… Emily Age 3

Emily arrives at Aristo-Tots and tucks into a yummy breakfast of cereal and toast before setting off to the garden to explore with her friends. The morning brings a selection of fun activities such as painting, stacking number cubes and leaf rubbing. Emily loves to move from room to room enjoying all of the activities that have been provided.

day in the life

How time flies! It is now time to sit with friends to enjoy a story before lunch.

Today’s freshly prepared lunch is fish pie topped with creamy mashed potatoes and a selection of fresh vegetables which have been grown by the children in the “secret garden” vegetable patch. Not forgetting dessert – apple crumble and custard!

After lunch Emily gets another chance to play outdoors in the garden, this time she uses the climbing wall and balancing beams, it is very tricky to balance sometimes but she manages with a little support from the staff.

A special treat is in store for the afternoon with a visit from the local firemen, they have come in to nursery to show the children the importance of fire safety – the children love to try on the fireman’s hat and sit in the fire engine!

Just enough time to bake cakes before tea time. The children have made enough to have one after their picnic tea and take one home for supper!

When it’s time to go, Emily waves to her friends and hugs the staff goodbye. A good night’s sleep is sure to follow and Emily looks forward to her next day at Aristo-Tots!